Sunday, 6 November 2011

Israel refuses to accept anything outside of its blinkered view of exclusive knowledge

Yesterday, two boats, one Irish, one Canadian were captured by the Israeli navy and towed to an Israeli port. There crews from 9 different countries including some accredited journalists were help without charge, because really there is no charge. These two small boats were trying to breech the blockade that Israel has placed around Gaza. While I agree with the Israeli government that this was a stunt designed to raise awareness of the issue I disagree entirely with the scathing way they said it. This blockade is in place in contravention with international law and only remains through technicalities and the support of powerful friends. Freedom Waves as this latest attempt to breech the blockade has been called, is a brave and skilled attempt to demonstrate this illegality to the world once again in the hope that someonee will finally listen. I also take issue with the methods employed by the Israeli military in detaining these foreign nationals. According to the twitter accounts of the Canadian boat (@CanadaBoatGaza ), a biased account I accept, said soon after the taking of the ships, that water cannons, beatings and tasers were used in the detention of the crew. It also shared a message from the Irish boat, 'Kidnapped, being held against our will. Boat nearly destroyed by Israeli army..'
Whatever the truth of both sides I find these actions by a so-called democratic state reprehensible and degrading when I consider the relationship my own country shares with it. Israel should respect the rights accorded to all people and especially to the rights of foreign nationals. You are not a law unto yourselves and eventually our governments will realise the damage knowing you does them and then we shall see what happens...

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