Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sudan - through the eyes of some Welsh students

At aberystwyth university we run a Crisis Simulation every semester in which around 50 students travel to a stately home/hotel called Gregynog near Newtown and attempt to solve an international 'crisis' in three days. This semesters sim was on the breakdown of Sudanese relations after the cancellation of the pivital referendum in the Abeyei Region. I, along with three others was a member of the UN team. You learn a lot in these crisis sims and i thought i'd put a few lessons on here:
  • Dealing with terrorist organisations is not necessarily a bad thing (we had very good contact with the Darfur Rebel Groups and almost brought down the Chinese government)
  • If you need to get something done don't ask the UN Security Council (the US and China disliked each other so nothing ever got done)
  • If you want diplomacy never ask the OTC (We had a few members of the Officer Training Corps and they REALLY wanted a war)
  • The Gods (the team of lecturers running it) will agree to anything on the third day (we declared war on France because it sold arms and started WWIII. Oh, and the Dalai Lahma became head of the UN)
  • Ideas in the bar don't generally plan out (we generally spend most evenings getting a bit tipsy in the bar and some 'amazing' idea normally comes up to be shot down the very next morning)
  • The South Sudanese are far too easy going (they solved the crisis a day early by ageeing to all the Bashir Governments demands)
  • The Gods will get bored and attempt to start a war (they gave tanks and AA guns to the Darfur Rebels and created a four-helicopter 'Black Hawk Down' for the US in the middle of Kartoum)

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