Thursday, 3 March 2011

BskyB takeover

BskyB have accepted the offer of Murdoch's News Corp for the news giant to buy out the remaining 61% of Sky on the condition that Sky News becomes a spin off company in its own right with an independent chairman and majority of the board. However opposition groups including rival news firms argue that this takeover puts too much media control in the hands of one group.
This takeover does raise interesting questions about the control of what we see as 'free' media. Murdoch's empire already includes the Sun, the Telegraph, the Times and the Financial Times;
Is this too much influence for one organisation?
Indeed does it affect the news we read and see on TV?
Can any news be objective if it all comes from a single source?
At least would this not allow a variety in angles and focus?
But then does the size and control of the BBC necessitate the same questions?

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