Monday, 28 February 2011

The New Rules: America Need Not Fear Connectivity Revolutions

A very interesting article from the World Politics Reveiw
Argues that while globalisation (for example over the internet) is not neccessarily democratising the Middle Easts '2.0 Revolutions' are examples of how it can be. While globalisation can cause a great deal of upheavel (simply because it promotes a huge range of choive inherently unavailable in authoritarian or traditional societies)the reaction of each society is different. Each strand of connectivity that globalisation imparts increases the need of the younger more ambitious generation to put improvement above social stability. Therefore, in terms of Islamic states, the most successful are those who are able to grow and develop flourashing middle classes (Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia). Closing with these thought provoking paragraphs:

'How those countries traversed Bremmer's J-curve while tolerating the Web's growing penetration constitutes the real model for successfully exiting the current unrest. Iran has no such model to offer, nor do the Saudis or al-Qaida. They can only "win" where societies remain largely or completely disconnected from globalization's embrace.

And that tells you everything you need to know about the long war against violent extremism and why America, despite its status quo-protecting instincts, should cheer on these 2.0 Revolutions.'

Including examples from the authors own life it is highly accessable and interesting.

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